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16 Bit Video Game Console With Classic Games


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Item: 16 Bit Game Console

Are you a fan of classic 16 bit games? Look no further than the 16 Bit Video Game Console with Classic Games! Here's what you need to know about this awesome product:

  • This console is compatible with SEGA game cards, making it the perfect accessory for fans of classic SEGA games.
  • The console features high-quality original SEGA 16 bit handles, so you can enjoy an authentic gaming experience.
  • With 4 region switches, including NTSC, PE, NJ, and PAL Mega Drive, you can play games from around the world with ease.
  • This console can also play MEGA OVERDRIVE V1 V2V3 flash game cartridges, expanding your gaming options even further.
  • The cassette is better compatible with the SEGA console, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite games without any issues.
  • Note that small part cassettes may not be compatible with the SEGA console due to the various formats of cassettes in the world.

So why wait? Order your 16 Bit Video Game Console with Classic Games today and relive the golden age of gaming! Whether you're a fan of classic SEGA games or just enjoy playing old school 16 bit games, this console is the perfect accessory for any retro gaming enthusiast.

Some of the key features of this console include:

  • Compatibility with SEGA game cards
  • High-quality original SEGA 16 bit handles
  • 4 region switches for playing games from around the world
  • MEGA OVERDRIVE V1 V2V3 flash game cartridge compatibility
  • Better cassette compatibility with the SEGA console

So dust off your old game cartridges and get ready to relive the magic of classic 16 bit games with the 16 Bit Video Game Console with Classic Games!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Julianne Beer

Came excellently packed and protected and some extremely good customer service and works a dream with all my games (including my imports) very good stuff! I’d highly recommend if your a collector like myself who wants to give thee older consoles break from being used

Daryl Heller

Todo llego en perfectas condiciones, aunque al parecer la consola es Pal, pero todo bien al fin y al cabo.

Sarai Ferry

Все СУПЕР!!! Быстрая доставка, идеально упаковано!! вспомнила детство!!

Kenyon Huel

Unfortunately it looks like an emulator, out of 9 games on the console one DD2 does not pull, the rest go well, maybe weak components. Packed normally, it came in about a month, light, plastic thin, joysticks work, in general, the average quality ..... Checking better, I'll finish the trail. Remarks ,,,, Double Dragon 2, rushes even on the PC emulator, apparently you need orig. Cartridge. For working standards, in general, Roma go normally, SD card, need more less modern, I put old 2008G., on 1. gig, the card did not work. Bought Kingston 8 GB, because. I read that this prefix will not read more than that, everything worked. Cartridges work fine. Plastic prickly, everything is very budgetary, but you can play, joysticks work, it came quickly.

Eddie Quigley

Only to get the game with pal is set in your TV in properly come out if plucked instrument and called mode_ape1mode_c board is stated on the side of month point right for soldering the main screen. (picture in description.) Though is description and Dali mode selection button is not the only until 긑 seller please chat with me and tried VE. Ever drive built-in single box for instrument transmitter to four key, make you satisfied.


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