Gaming Keyboard Logitech G413

Logitech G413 take a look at it we love the sleek and simple approach Logitech went for with this keyboard this all-black selfie carbon look with the red LED lights inside definitely hits home for us we know it's a popular color option out there as well but also if you're not digging the black and red look they have a silver keyboard option available with white LED lights inside it's nicely give you that color option so it's going to be up to you to pick which one you like but giving that brushed aluminum back play on the keyboard it is definitely styling just looking at a head-on even though it is a full-sized mechanical keyboard it does look pretty compact doesn't nice small footprint we think not going to go over any of the special something like that.

Logitech g413 have a USB pass-through a lot of keyboards at this price range don't include this there's very few that do so nice see if they do have it on this unit here great for plugging in things like a flash drive or a mouse or your headset then additionally on the bottom you do have a little section for routing that cable if you choose to have it route underneath that's just so you don't have a cable hanging in front of your keyboard if it is a headset you can just wrap it down nicely again keeping that cable clutter down to a minimum also on the back side you have five rubber pads to prevent scratching your desktop surface and two feet that elevate its backside that flip outward.

Media keys they are you know bunched in with the function row as most keyboards are but the one major setback with this or the one major limitation we would say is just the LED lights underneath inside the roamer G switch it has the LED light inside there and the only color this keyboard has with the carbon is the red LED lights. we think $115.98 for this keyboard it is great quality very solid and sturdy doesn't feel flimsy at all again you have the carbon option with the black keyboard with red LED lights or the silver option with that silver backplate and the white LED lights inside so it's cool to give you options your job your sconce away whether you do like room orgy switches or not but in the end for 115.98 bucks definitely a good keyboard just rule out any RGB fantasies you might have in your mind with this you just get one color but we do like it it's been great for us for gaming.