GK61 Keyboard Review

Gk61 keyboard review


Topping the list of good budget-friendly mechanical keyboards, the GK61 Mechanical gaming keyboard is perfect for beginner gamers or those who are looking for a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard.

With fast-performing switches, LGB lighting, fast responding optical switches, and detachable USB-c cable, this pocket-friendly mechanical keyboard is very similar to the better part of other more pricy keyboards.

The GK61 Gaming keyboard is perfectly suited for starters who are looking forward to improving their gaming skills and anyone who wants to explore the mechanical keyboard option.

What to expect

The GK61 Mechanical keyboards are easily available on both online stores and gaming shops with the huge advantage of having a pocket-friendly price. The package includes;

Braided USB-C cable: with a braided USB cable, it is extremely difficult to get it tangled up which means there is a longer durability period.

Plastic keycap puller: with a keycap puller, it is extremely easy to change the keycaps by yourself without the need for a professional operator. The Keycap puller is one of the most thought of items included in the package.

Keyboard: A keyboard is a major thing included in the package. Without it, the package would be incomplete.

Aluminum switch puller: made of aluminum, the switch puller allows changing of worn-out switches from the keyboard safely. The developer with no doubt considered a lot by including DIY tools in the package.

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