How To Choose A Headset And Headphone

The headset and headphones have become an increasingly important product for people to play with. It can not only send music at any time but also block out the surrounding noise. In the office, users can also keep their ears clear, more focused on work with music. There are a variety of headsets on the market, how to make a decision to buy the most suitable headset can be referred to the following points.

Set requirements for Headphones

There are three factors to consider when choosing earphones: sound quality, lightness, and price, and the specific choice of earphones depends on which factors users pay the most attention to. Good sound quality earphones often cost high, in order to create a strong sound and must have a certain shape. Wireless headphones that are as light as a feather often struggle to deliver rich sound quality. If you look at the most pocket-conscious models, you have to sacrifice sound effects.

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Determine the purpose of the Headset

For the vast majority of people, the headset and headphone is not just used to listen to music appliances, in different situations, the specific requirements are different.

If it is used in the office, it must be comfortable enough to let users wear the headset for a long time while listening to music while working. It should also have excellent active noise canceling performance, eliminate the sound around and others talking, let people focus on work.

The headsets you should choose when commuting to work or traveling on a passenger plane are similar to those in your office, but good noise-canceling technology is even more critical in noisy airplane cabins.


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Light and firm are most important when used for exercise. To avoid the loss of the headphone during intense action, users generally choose the embedded headphone that is closer to the ear canal. Due to outdoor use and weather considerations, the headset is best equipped with dustproof, sweat-proof, and rainproof functions. Many of today's sporty headsets are available via a mobile app, with a virtual trainer that will give you instructions to help you improve your fitness.

Video game headsets depend on different factors. The most natural and crisp sound quality is not a prerequisite for this kind of headset and headphone. The player pays the most attention to sound imaging, which is to convey the exact location of the sound source and sound details. Players can tell where an opponent or teammate is from by the source of the gunfire and footsteps and react. Users also pay attention to the strong bass that enhances explosive and gun sound, and clear microphones with noise cancellation also help teammates communicate with each other.


When the budget is made and the main purpose and function requirements of the headset are determined, the scope should be greatly reduced and several models locked. You can read reviews and comments about the headset to learn about their strengths and weaknesses.


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An even more important step is to go to the store and try out the headset. As a matter of fact, music appreciation is largely a subjective experience. Everyone's favorite sound quality is different. Don't be preconceived by the information you read before. Cheap headset don't necessarily output your favorite sound quality.


If you like to hear loud music, this is what you need to look for in your headphone's specifications. Sensitivity specifies how loud your headphone can get.

Frequency Response

If you're a music producer looking to use a headset in place of studio monitor speakers, you may want to take frequency response into consideration. This is a measure of how accurately the headphone's speakers can evenly reproduce sound across a range of frequencies. Many headsets will boost the low-end and taper off the high-end to make up for how close the speakers are to your ears and create a more pleasant listening experience. While it's next to impossible to create a truly flat curve, it's good to be aware of how a pair of the headset will respond when playing different frequencies so you can compensate accordingly when mixing music.


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Final Thoughts

Like in most other aspects, quality comes at a price, but you need to understand that some things, like your health, are much more important. Another point that you should consider is the fact that quality products last much longer than their cheap counterparts, which means you don't have to buy a similar product every now and then. If you're still not sure which headset you should get, consult an expert from your local store or read what other people have posted online about their experience with various headset before making the decision.