Motospeed CK888 Mechanical Keyboard & Mouse Set Review

Motospeed CK888 RGB mechanical keyboard with the RGB mouse, this is manufactured by Motospeed company, with lots of cool features. it have nice keycap structure and sound, the whole keyboard is made up of aluminum alloy, it's too strong and not breakable by any normal person. On the back it has two legs and stopping rubbers, the back is also filled with metal which is not easily going to be Bend, now come two keys, Motospeed is using blue switches in their keyboard.

motospeed ck888 rgb

Which is easy to be pressable, by a single touch of your finger, this is also a rare mechanical keyboard because it comes with the Numpad also not the all mechanical keyboard comes with the Numpad,now come to wire quality of the keyboard the wire is very soft and very, flexible which feels like you are touching a soft rubber and it comes with USB 2.0 interface.

The mouse is very cool and looks so fancy, it got a dpi button on the top of the mouse a large scroll button, forward and backward keys fully optical mouse which supports up to,2400 dpi and that is adjustable, the wire quality is same as keyboard it's soft and flexible and this also comes with
USB 2.0 interface, along with the keyboard.

motospeed ck888 rgb

Motospeed CK888 RGB has 9 cool RGB led effects. Stuff you can control all those stuff by this function key. By pressing the function key and the escape key will reset the keyboard to the default settings.RGB breath mode which means it's breathing and changing the color by itself.jumping through effects by pressing the function key with insert.its also have touch and go effect this will work when you touch your keyboard it will look beautiful when you type, something on your keyboard.

motospeed ck888 rgb

Now lets talk about the mouse nice RGB giving Mouse with the nice glowing, moto speed company logo beautiful design very,comfortable to hold it and operate it in the comparison of normal Mouse the,weight of this mouse is too heavier than other now come to light settings you can, change your light settings by pressing this middle dpi button there are seven, cool colors in this mouse you can choose your favorite color by yourself and this, is the fully optical mouse which supports up to 2400 dpi.

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