NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard Review

NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard Review


If you are familiar with the background of NPET's family, then the features, quality, and performance of the NPET K10 gaming keyboard won't surprise you. This affordable gaming keyboard is available in full-size build with a number keypad, media shortcuts, RGB lighting effects, and anti-ghosting keys.

However, the essential software customization options are missing that serious gamers usually want, but it can attract casual gamers due to its low price.

If you either a senior gamer and want more accuracy or a casual player not so good at using keys, you must acknowledge that NEPT K 10 keyboard aimed at you.

Critical features of NPET K10 Keyboard

Which thing made these keyboards better than others, and how its features help to improve the game? Let's break down the features of K10 by splitting them into parts.


The NPET K10 gaming keyboard consists of ABS development, double-shot infusion-shaped keycaps on which the letter of characters never fade. The super-thin removable and suspended keycaps are more comfortable, especially when you are writing or gaming, enhanced durability, and more reliable.

Water-resistant Features

With the help of a drain hole in the base, 104 keys US design keyboard can prevent beverages, especially coffee, which you need the most. NPET K10 Keyboard comprises a metal base that enhances the life of the product and supports the product's weight to keep your keyboard in place while gaming.

LED Lighting Zones

The NPET K10 keyboard also available in 4 LED lighting zones, and you can adjust through with a touch of an LED button. You can also customize the breathing speed and brightness of the backlit according to your requirements.

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