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MPow Wired LED Controller For PS4/PS3/Win/Android TV


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Item: MPow Wired LED Controller

Product Main Features


Mpow wired game controller works with PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, PS3; Win7/8/10/XP; Android TV, Android 4.0 or above cellphone/tablet with OTG adapter (sold separately). Note: Xbox 360/ Xbox One/ Mac/ iOS are NOT supported

Press TURBO+ any button to achieve the continued button press. Streamlined trigger buttons offer unrivaled control for the more realistic gaming experience

The motion buttons (A, B, X, Y) are equipped with gorgeous yet glare-free LED lights, never worrying about pressing the wrong button in the dark. Press share+A to turn off the light when you don’t need it

Mpow PS4 gaming controller is engineered with American’s hand shape and size in mind, which brings you a better gaming experience  

The two electric motors will vibrate when skidding or being shot at in racing games, sports, shooting, bringing you a more exciting and thrilling game experience. And it can be turn off by sliding the button on the back 

Product Description

​​6. 6ft Long USB Wired Controller

Experience less signal delay than wireless gamepads and never worry about power off

Multi-Platform Compatibility

PS4/PS3, Android TV, Windows 7/8/10/XP, Android cellphone/Tablet (4.0 or above version, Use with OTG, sold separately)

​​Simple plug-and-play

USB connection with 6.6ft cable provides stable and extension of game performance with less signal delay, never worry about power off 

Precise Control

The analog sticks and trigger buttons have been enhanced to offer players absolute control for all games on PlayStation 4, PC

​​Gorgeous LED Lights

Bring a cool atmosphere to your game and no more worrying about pressing the wrong button in the dark

Warm tip: Press share + A to turn off the light

Timely Vibration Intensity Feedback

Brings you real feedback in different scenes of games

Package Contents

MPow Game Controller x 1
Instruction Guide x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ian Bosco

Cool joystick recommend

Levi Blanda

So, got this gamepad, tried it in the game. There's a twofold feeling. Of the positive moments: the GamePad is absolutely high quality, everything is assembled firmly, nothing threatens to fall apart right during the game. The PC Connection mode is simple: connected, waited 30 seconds, the drivers themselves put, you can play. The stroke of buttons and sticks is smooth. There is a backlight, which, if desired, can be turned off. The right side buttons have two descriptions at once: for PS4 and for Xbox/pc. Now about what I did not like and why my ass burns. The first and most importantly-packaging. Neither inside nor outside the cardboard box there is no Che-go, except the tonyusenka foam film (in the photo), in which the GamePad was wrapped. Have you ever carried table eggs not in store containers, but in a plastic bag lying in the middle of a heap of other bags of different goods? No? And these guys seem to be the only way to drive everything. Risk rebyatishki. In my case, nothing broke, but it's really just luck. Second: the L1/R1 buttons were clearly made by an expert on creativity. Instead of a uniform squeeze throughout the area of the buttons, this genius decided that it would be very fashionable and youthful to make them like L2/R2. You know, yeah, now L1 and R1 are chickens like their lower brethren. Only here you need to understand that the lower pair of buttons is convenient, and L1/R1 are pressed, mother them, away from the GamePad. Have you ever enjoyed pressing the top buttons with the help of the 2nd phalanx finger? No? So I didn't get one. To play with comfort, I now have to either cut myself an extra pair of CM on my index fingers, or score and buy another model. The length of the index fingers I have 10 cm, if measured to the end of the knuckle, connecting the finger with the palm. In general, you can buy, but there is a real chance to get a pile of details instead of the GamePad, if suddenly someone decides to play your box in football. Well, y...

Roxane Jacobi

Joystick arrives within a month, completely corrected. Not too heavy, but in the hands to feel. No problem works on a PC with Windows 10. play comfortably enough. The only problem during delivery the box was wrinkled. Although this is more a defect in the delivery service, not the seller, but as it seems to me the goods were not sufficiently protected and could easily break.

Athena Ankunding

Product arrived in 10 days, no fees. THE control is lightweight, beautiful, cable length is long (maybe about 2 meters) and with a good grip, only problem is that the analog is not rubberized which makes the toe slip on plastic, but am using a ferrule White help too. I Am using my PS4 and functional.

Milton Herman

Great product I recommend the seller