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GameSir G5 Touchpad Game Controller


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Item: Android Wireless Controller G5 GameSir


Full-Haptic Trackpad

The trackpad is responsive and sensitive to track your finger's input precisely. It allows you to tap, drag to cast a spell, or move your camera around in shooting games.
The 8-Button Design

Surrounding the trackpad are the buttons, with the new layout and design, the buttons are designated to simulate multi-function hotkeys working for different occasions.

The Mechanical Triggers

Four Extra Configurable Buttons at Shoulder and Rear

Dual shoulder L4/L5 triggers and dual L5/R5 rear buttons. It supports the custom assignment of any button function by the needs.

Built-In BattleDock Function

Besides the gamepad, GameSir G5 is also a BattleDock when you put it on the desktop. To even stimulate the potential of the next-gen gaming controller, we added the BattleDock chip into GameSir G5 and turn it into a keyboard mouse converter when it stays still on the desk.

A USB port for the mouse and keyboard is hidden underneath the rubber of the left handle. Peel off the rubber, insert the Wireless Keyboard Mouse dongle, and use your mouse and keyboard to strafe in games!
Ergonomic Design

The gamepad is ergonomic. We researched over 200 gamers in a wide range of ages and develop the shape of the controller that maximumly fits most of the player's hands. The Ergonomic grip secures players from a hand injury and gets rid of the hand fatigue of prolonged gaming sessions.


Working Platforms: Android Phones/Tables (G5 doesn't work on PC)
Connection: Only Bluetooth
Cable Length: 39.37 in.
Battery Life: 18 hr.
Vibration Feedback: No
Auto-fire turbo mode: Yes
Battery Capacity: 800mAh battery
Dimensions: 6.10*3.98*2.56 in.
Gross Weight: 0.53 lb.

Package Contents:

1 x GameSir T1s BattleDock Phone Holder,

1 x USB Charging Cable,

1 x User Manual,

1x USB Dongle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fanny Hintz

Excelente controle

Chasity Adams

Excellent seller, good product, can be configured as Mouse.

Kristina Bergnaum

Very fast all right, remember you needed the remapper

Carmela Gulgowski

Everything came in safe and safe, the seller answered all questions! In general, good seller. Through the GamePad you can play with keyboard and mouse. Swing app needs with 4pda gamesir keymaper. The official website does not work!

Bella Fay

Unable to use it on android, the application must be activated by PC software that does not work. The android app is banned by google and google protect even offers to erase it... This is the worst purchase I made because without software, the controller is useless


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