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Item: Ball Toy For Dog

Environment-Friendly Material: Shell is made of silicone and tough ABS, which is environment-friendly, safe, and reliable. The material used in the inner layer is ABS and the hardness is relatively high, more suitable for pets. Its outer casing is very strong.
Waterproof Design: It can be put directly into the water to play, and it runs smoothly and safely.  It can be put into the water to play with the pet and bathe it.
USB Charging: Rechargeable and charging take about 1 hour, and the game can last up to 5 hours. Compatible with the universal smartphone 5V charger for charging. There is a charging indicator light when charging. When fully charged, the light turns blue.
360-degree Scrolling: Built-in collision sensor, can automatically jump out when encountering any obstacles, and can also roll freely on the carpet that pets prefer. With colorful lights, it is more attractive to animals and attention. The chase of pets is happy.
Anti-bite And Automatic Sleep: The ball will automatically sleep after 30 minutes of activity, automatically wake up after 15 minutes, you can also touch to wake up. 

1. The color of the pet jumping ball is divided into blue, rose red, black, and so on. 

2. The jumping ball uses environment-friendly silicone and ABS as the main outer casing. 

3. The product has a hidden switch of white light and camouflage light (after opening the shell), built-in scroll switch. 

1. Appearance adopts environment-friendly silicone for a variety of color choices. 

2. The product is waterproof, so you can play in the water and play on the ground. 

3. Bouncing ball will automatically change direction, do not need any help. 

5. Use the jumping ball to make your pet have fun every day. You can use the jumping ball to train the pet to play with the pet. 

6. The jumping ball can also roll freely on the carpet, so pets may prefer. 

Working environment 
Working temperature: 32 °F ~ 104 °F (0 °C ~ 40 °C). 
Relative temperature: 10%-90%. (non-condensing) 
Power supply 

Power input: DC 5V 
Current input: 350 mAh 
Charging interface: universal USB interface 
Rated voltage: DC 3.4 V - 4.2 V 
Battery: Lithium battery, rated power: 3.7 V 300 mAh 
Battery working time: 5 hours (continuous work with no downtime) 
Packing List: 

Pet Ball*1 
Charging Cable*1 

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Customer Reviews

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Juvenal Breitenberg

Delivery is fast enough. At the post office they said that your parcel moves) on the move flew included. Charging from mini-yusb, wire included. The water resistance of the ball is conditional,-until the claw is blown a thin layer of rubber in the area of the button. And to lead the bandura this 150, so it is likely that it will sink. The cat is in shock! Although in a week already got used to it. Not particularly playing, watching anymore. The toy is rather designed for medium sized dogs. At least adult corgi. Again because of the size and weight. Rolls on the floor with a wild rumble, and collects all the dust. Does not jump, as in an advertising roller, but simply rolls over the floor, which, taking into account the weight, was even good. And then the cat on the ceiling climbed. In short, i can not say that i recommend. But someone can and will do.

Meaghan Hills

I offered the ball to my little chihuahua of 2k500gr and in 1 hour the plastic around the ball was completely torn! I picture the state of the ball offered to a big dog or a toddler...! I do not recommend this purchase and this seller at all. It is very expensive and of very poor quality. I strongly regret my purchase.


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