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Digital Electronic Protractor Angle Finder


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Item: Digital Electronic Protractor Angle Finder

The digital protractor/angle finder is a one-of-a-kind product that measures angles accurately and quickly. It's ideal for checking and transferring angles for remodeling, cabinet installation, counter installation, measuring roof angles, fitting up windows or doors, aligning wood forms for concrete pouring, fitting up carpeting and parquet or tile floors, aligning and checking banisters and rails, checking for correct fit-up to an angled surface, and much more. It features a back-lit digital readout and has a hold function to freeze the measurements. Thumb-screw locks down the pivot when needed to prevent movement of the measured angle. Two-spirit levels set at 90 degrees to each other for applications when you need a standard level.

Length: 16"

Measuring angle range: 0-225 Degree

Increase/decrease angle: 0.1 Degree Increments

Automatically shut off after five minutes.

Measuring precision: +-0.5degree

Digital Accuracy 0.1 degree for all ranges

Display reading "Hold" function

Illuminated LCD display

Dual spirit(bubble) level indicators

Pivot Lock

Battery: 9V (The battery not including for air shipment)

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Customer Reviews

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Louisa Klein

Performance quality. Appearance worthy. Levels are accurate. The angle measures without visible error (checked by conventional coal). About shipping. Two parcels were completed in one.

Elisabeth Bernhard

Greitas siuntimas, kokybiškas Kokybiškas

Mauricio Kris

Shows a different angle each time

Anthony Swift

Regarding the team: same as the announced team. Made of aluminium, it is very light to the torque that sturdy. The angle conveyor works very well, it is very precise even when the conveyor arm is moved quickly. The detail of the feedback on the screen is very accurate as it provides the right light without glare. Outside the screen looks great on a sunny day. Finally, the option to maintain (HOLD) the measured angle in order to transport the measurement to another element and work with it, it is quite a success since the conveyor arm block screw is not forced. Regarding shipping: has been faster than estimated when ordering (China to Canary Islands), for what's more than satisfied. Regarding packaging: the product is wrapped in bubble plastic very well.

Carissa Dietrich

Delivery two weeks. I haven't checked yet. Hope will work. Thank you very much to the seller for the fast delivery.


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