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Aigo RGB 120mm LED PC Case Fans

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Item: Aigo RGB Fans


1:Aigo Twilight supports AURA SYNC+ Fan speed control + LED light effect mode.
Equipped with rubber pads and hydraulic bearing, which greatly reduce operating noise and improves efficiency.

2:7pcs white fan blade, support speed regulation(1500RPM), adjust brightness, intelligent color matching by wireless remote control.
3:The radiator has disturbance and noise reduction design function, supports water cooling system, high flow rate, and large capacity cooling tuning of 120 mm fan.
4:6Pin interface to provides RGB FAN safe and reliable power output, Make the lights appear bright and colorful.
5:Synchronizable RGB lighting via motherboard: Sync ready with all 5V 3PIN motherboard including Gigabytes, Asus, MSI, and so on.

The battery is not included in the package due to transportation reasons.You can buy this battery directly in your store, very convenient, cheap, please understand, thank you (Battery model: button battery 2025).
Package Includes:
3*fans and controller:
3*pcs pc fan;
1*user manual;
1*IR controller;
12*installation screws
5 fans and controller:
5*pcs pc fan;
1*user manual; 
1*IR controller;
20*installation screws

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Customer Reviews

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Krystel Kub


Khalid Graham

Aigo RGB 120mm LED PC Case Fans

Tom Greenfelder

We came quickly. Fans are very good in relation to price/quality. The equipment corresponds to the declared. The only remark: the controller is powered by Molex :) Molex in 2020? Is: D Synchronization of the backlight through 5v3pin is present. Quiet, beautiful. Advise.

Johnson Predovic

Turntable norms. shine. The goods were sent quickly, and even with delivery to the addressee.

Kenneth Stanton

Cooler fire, thanks to the seller, has not yet installed in the body so checked, everything works, quiet. Turntables set. They climbed into my body with difficulty, thick, and so everything is just super, CPU temperature, and vidyuhi fell 15 degrees, at room temperature of 30 degrees. I advise the seller, you can take it.