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Bicycle Waterproof LED Wheel Lights

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Item: Lights For Bicycle Wheels

Product information

Material: LED lamp beads, ABS engineering plastics, components, etc.
Battery: 1 CR2032 (3V) button battery
Line: switch design
Mode: strobe/blinking/normally lit
Application: mountain bike / battery car / road bike / folding bike / motorcycle


* No need to change the line, just follow the wire on the wheel;

* One wheel can be more than one card, the combination of blue and red is more cool and cool!

* Switch design, bright to bright

* Both sides are bright, which greatly improves driving safety;

* Waterproof performance is good.

Package Includes:

Package A:1xBicycle spoke lamp(Red)
Package B:1xBicycle spoke lamp(Blue)
Package C:1xBicycle spoke lamp(Green)
Package D:1xBicycle spoke lamp(Colorful)
Package E:2xBicycle spoke lamp(Red+Blue)
Package F:2xBicycle spoke lamp(Red+Green)
Package G:2xBicycle spoke lamp(Green+Blue)
Package H:3xBicycle spoke lamp(Red+Green+Blue)

Product structure:

A: Bicycle spoke light
B: LED light
C: lamp cap
D: CR2032 button battery*1

3 light mode
(strobe/blinking/normally lit)

It is recommended to install a variety of different colors on the tires for better results.


This product is waterproof but does not soak in water for a long time.

Battery replacement method

1: Open the lamp cap and remove the lamp
2: Push out the old battery with your nails
3: Put in a new battery (note the positive and negative)

Flexible material, high quality

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Autumn Ratke

ordered 4 pieces and 2 didn't work!!!

Ervin Bode


Camilla Dooley

Glows with different modes when pressed, all OK

Wilfrid Rice

Bicycle Waterproof LED Wheel Lights

Marcus Schiller

Turns on from pressing on the middle. There are batteries. Delivery is fast. Thank you!