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Buckle-Free Elastic Invisible Belt

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Item: Belt With No Buckle For Men Women

A buckle-free belt is nothing in the front to cause extra pressure, don`t worry the buckle will dig into your stomach, making you uncomfortable.

Buckle-less Belt, Looks Almost Invisible - No buckle belt, there's no bulge and no flap on the side this belt for jeans is very low-profile, slove the look of a belt buckle lump under a long shirt.

No buckle stretch belt is very flexible in terms of length. Meet different pants needs. The elastic allows for free movement up to the limit of the pants, adjusts to sitting, standing, bending over, etc.

If it's too large or small for you, just adjust it by sliding the metal bar, and yoursquoll get the right size.

Buckle free perfect belt for pants and jeans and a fashion accessory for dresses, down jacket, wind coat, and sweaters.


The elastic belt can adjust with you. You won squat have to readjust it, even after a big meal. No buckle cutting into you when you sit down.

It frees your belly so you can always breathe comfortably. And if yoursquore allergic, no buckle rash!


Material: metal(free) / leather wrap / Elastic Belt.
Size: 100*3cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Toni Herzog

The smell is a bit weird. Otherwise same as description.

Ari Yundt

Some rest of glue on the belt.

Zaria Frami

Very comfortable belt. does not pull the stomach but at the same time keeps jeans on the belt. Very satisfied

Chloe Abshire

Both arrived well thank you

Jefferey Champlin

Both arrived well thank you