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Camera Stabilizer

Camera Stabilizer

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Item: Camera Stabilizer For iPhone

Type: handheld gimbal
Communication: Wired
of Axes: 2-Axis
Configured for: digital cine cameras
Configured for: DSLRs
Configured for: action photo cameras
Configured for: mirrorless cameras
Configured for: Smartphones
Titling Angle: Handle rotation angle: 360 degrees
Rolling Angle: Handle rotation angle: 360 degrees
Panning Angle: Handle rotation angle: 360 degrees
Model Number: Camera Stabilizer
Weight (g): 1000
Package: Yes
Material: Aluminum
Vertical Shooting: Yes
Size: 320*185*50mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Cielo Streich

Very bad goods! The handle does not work and is covered with rust, all screws do not twist tightly, and there is a risk of falling camera

Devan Goodwin

Everything came quickly, without a box. As a stabilizer is the most ordinary fire, if more professional then and the cost of it is higher. And so for the beginning is not even bad, better than shake the camera.

Iva Hoeger

Camera Stabilizer

Jaleel Swift

Device, stabilizes the picture by phone. Not know with camera. Heavy and found a little soft. But good. Adapter for iPhone 7plus.

Kianna Turner

A good stabilizer considering the price-quality ratio. 100% is better than to take your hands off. The goods did not come in very good condition. Crumpled box. There are scratches and dents on the stabilizer frame. Well, the feeling that the product is not new .... Uzbekistan was a month away.