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Car Dent Removal Tool

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Item: Dent Removal Tool For Car

Model Number: LD-06
Name: 2 in 1 T Puller
Function: Dent removal tool kits
Material: Aluminum alloy
Features: Labor-saving and durable

Long T is a labor-saving drawing method, it is convenient and effective to repair large and small dents;

Short T is a laborious drawing method. It is easier and faster to repair small dents with your own strength.

Please Note:

1. The paint on the dents is damaged, scratched, or waxed, or coated. it is not recommended;

2. The dent is too small, and the suction cup is not in contact with the concave surface enough, resulting in insufficient adhesion of the glue and easy degumming, and this tool cannot be used;

3. The depression is not an iron sheet, it is a steel plate or plastic. The depression is in particularly hard places such as the body beam. It is recommended to go to the repair shop for maintenance;

4. The alcohol bottle in the package is empty and does not contain alcohol, because alcohol is a prohibited transportation item;

5. Please use alcohol or diesel with a purity of 95 or higher to remove the glue from the car surface.

6. The applicable temperature of the glue stick is 0-40 degrees Celsius. If in winter, the hot melt adhesive may solidify quickly and fail to stick. At this time, you can use a hairdryer to heat the bonding area.

Common problems:

1. Insufficient heating of glue

Fully heat for 5-7 minutes, until there is the liquid from the muzzle or press the switch lightly, the glue will be released

2. The glue is too little and too thin on the gasket

It needs to be even and thick, and you can apply a little more in the middle, and quickly stick to the recessed area after applying

3. Wrong pulling direction

When pulling, it should be as vertical as possible to the body

4. Too much pulling force

Should be uniform and moderate, repeat the operation many times

5. Too much force to stick the suction cup

Too much force will easily squeeze the glue to the outside, you should press gently for 2-3 seconds

6. Pull time issues

After the suction cup is attached, pull it when the glue cools down and there is residual temperature. The temperature of the sol is too high or it is completely cooled before pulling it, it will easily fall

7. The suction cup is very easy to fall off because of floating dust or water on the surface

The sunken area should be washed with water and dried with a towel

8. The car body temperature is too high in summer

Use cold water to cool the recessed area first, and then dry the water

9. The car body temperature is too low in winter

First, heat the recessed area with hot water, and then dry the water

10. sucker size problem

The larger the suction cup, the greater the suction power, which is suitable for the flat and concave area


Due to the difference in the heating time of the adhesive strip and the thickness of the application, it may fall off in one operation, so you need to be patient and repeat the operation several times! ! You can also experiment with other things to determine whether the glue is sticky!!

Customer Reviews

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Josianne Hoppe

Delivery instant. The quality of this hammer is better than other sellers. Last time the other took 50 cm, but there the stock is very thin, although longer, it is not convenient to work. And this seller has a stock пикабушника and a length of 42 cm, a very good return. Plus, he put the second spatula as a gift, no need for nothing, but nice. In short, ZBS goods! To straighten the motorcycle's gas tank, you have to work for a very long time, but it turns out precisely enough, does not drag the metal. Glue in the kit is so-so, weak, but for the first time will go, for the car is generally normal, there the metal is thinner, easier to rule. The gun like other seller quality, with a wire from the road radio tape recorder, not noodles, which through the day of work falls off.

Howard McDermott

All woprzadku zamuwiony goods arrived to me in a specific time without any problems and 100 percent consistent with the description in the listing.

Korbin Breitenberg

Car Dent Removal Tool

Vicenta Maggio

In work has not yet tried

Garnet Heaney

Car Dent Removal Tool