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Classic Wired Controller For Xbox

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Item: S-type Controller Wired Xbox


Compatible third-party wired controller for use with original Xbox consoles.

Analog controller thumbsticks

Vibration Feedback function

1.8M (6FT) cable length - No breakaway cable required.

Features 6 action buttons, left and right trigger buttons & Memory expansion slots


Enjoy improved gameplay on your original Xbox console with this compatible slim controller.

The controller is significantly smaller than the original release fat controller.

Get right into your gaming with the vibration shock feature and turn with precision using the analog thumbsticks, an ideal replacement, or spare controller.

All buttons are an identical layout to the official original Xbox slim controllers.

A 1.8m cord length provides sufficient distance from your console and TV to be comfortable.

No breakaway cable is required, the controllers plug directly into your console.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Merlin Stanton

Arrived broken. Cheap, cracked, inside was rattling so something inside was loose. A screw fell out immediately and the left trigger was completely broken

Maximus Homenick

Classic Wired Joypad Controller For Microsoft Xbox

Bradly Legros

Good Quality ..Looks Exactly like pictures