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Dart Blaster Shooting Ball Toy

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Item: Dart Blaster Toy Gun


Electric Suspension Ball Dart Target Toy Gun Target Water Gun Shooting Target Electric Target (excluding battery), educational toy suspension target toy.
It is different from ordinary hitting games. This product has an AISHOT machine, which can make five target balls Stop in the air and hold the foam bullet gun. You can take turns to shoot in the air.

There are different levels of airflow design. You can adjust it according to your needs. This product needs its own battery. The product itself provides.


Quality material selection, rest assured

Children's favorite, gifts must be selected

Science puzzle, games childhood

Size: 33 * 28 * 9.5cm

Gross Weight: 722g (1 x toy gun)

Package Included:

1 * suspension target toy (1 x toy gun)
1 x floating target base
10 foam balls
3 x foam bullets

Requires 4 AA batteries ((not supplied))

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