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Divoom Timebox Evo Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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Item: Divoom Timebox

Great Audio in Small Size

Powered by 6W driver and latest DSP processor. with the extra bass port. Timebox Evo delivers a fine-tuned audio experience.

Pixel Art Creation

Pixel art creation on the Timebox-Evo is so easy and fun. You can take and convert a picture instantly into a pixel art design, or you can make pixel art animation as well. Share your artworks in our community in the free app---Divoom. enjoy the funny pixel art world now!

Daily alarm

Start your morning with 14 built-in daily alarms with highly customizable options. Both audio and light on your Timebox-Evo will come on gradually to imitate the actual sunrise scenario.

Unique Personal Gift

A customizable voice and logo give you a chance to bring a big surprise to your beloved one. express your love in this unique and modern way.

Be a DJ Master

Timebox-Evo is also a mini DJ turntable. 96 different sound effects, 23 independent audio instruments, and recordability; it's time for you to show off that musical talent.

Premium Home Decoration

No matter in the dining table, bedroom desk, or office. Timebox-Evo could be a useful decoration for the weather reports, social media notifications, and daily clock presentations.

Multiple Colors

Buttons Instruction

Button 1: Play/Pause.
Button 2: Decrease in volume.
Button 3: Auto power off timer
Button 4: Increase volume
Button 5: Change lighting
Button 6: The power button.
Button 7: Microphone.


Dimensions: 98.5L x 98.5W x 38H mm
Driver size: 2'' full range
Output power: 6W
Signal to noise ratio: ≥75dB
Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.6 V
Battery Charge Time: 3.5h hours
Playback Time: Up to 6 hours
Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V5.0 smart
Weight: 316g.
Frequency Response: 95-20K Hz

What is Included

1*Timebox-evo speaker /1* USB charging cable / User Manual / User Manual /Warranty Card.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Taryn Trantow

Интересная декоративная приблуда. Как колонка тоже норм. Но я буду использовать как декор. Минусы для меня: нельзя воткнуть в неё aux и использовать как колонку для компа. Еще в режиме часов можно выбирать что показывать кроме времени. Термометр, календарь и анимацию. Так вот анимацию нельзя выбрать свою, только то что там само как-то показывается. Настроил что чередуются часы, погода и вот эти анимации. Ну выглядит прикольно. Само устройство забавное и сделано хорошо. Работает прекрасно. Собрано добротно. По блютус подсоединилось вообще без проблем. Короче прикольная штука. Как подарок - вообще класс.

Maddison Lockman

Awesome. One pass. It sounds vició and with the app and bluetooth you can do a lot of mixing table stuff. Music. Games. Alarm clock. Graphic design. Perfect apparatus as a technological gift. A 10. Perfect thank you

Geoffrey Yundt

Super bueno el parlante 100% recomendado oe :)

Marilie Nolan

This is an incredible and awesome gadget! There are so many different useful functions in it! It was invested in a part of the soul gifted creative people! Every day in it I open something new! The sound of the column is very pleasant! Thanks Divoom!

Vidal Nikolaus

Excellent product is very beautiful and powerful