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Foldable Electric Kettle

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Item: Foldable Electric Kettle

Material: 304 stainless steel chassis + baby-grade silicone pot body
Size when unfolded: 16.5*13.5*18cm
Size when folded: 16.5*13.5*12cm
Power cord length: 0.8m
Voltage: 220V-50HZ
Operation mode: button
Heating method: chassis heating
Capacity: 600ML
Power: 600W
Applicable number: 1-2 people


1. 600ML collapsible body design, easy to travel and use, easy to carry

2. 6min rapid water boiling, high-temperature resistance 230°

3. 304 stainless steel heating plate, baby-grade silicone pot body, no BPA, high-temperature boiling water, no peculiar smell

4. One key switch, convenient and quick, automatic power off

5. The pot line is separated, and the water is not blocked


The abnormal noise when boiling water is due to the high power and fast boiling speed when boiling water, the upper water temperature is low, there are bubbles at the bottom, the air in the water is heated and expanded, and the bubbles burst. This is a normal phenomenon.

Packing list:

1*Foldable water bottle, 1*European plug power cord, 1*Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Cassidy Cremin

The kettle is good, works super. But there is one feature when the kettle boils, it turns off, and the button is not. As soon as the water cools a little, it starts to heat up again. The button must be turned off by itself. Otherwise there are no problems.

Marjory Paucek

Kettle ordered on march 30, sent by the seller on april 9, received by the buyer on may 17. I think i 've been walking for a very long time. The goods came in full, works well, well packed, the quality of the goods is excellent. I recommend the product and the seller.

Vivien Simonis

Kettle is ok working well but package not good. Service shop I not use

Rosella Oberbrunner

The kettle came defective.

Zola Blanda

Excellent, works, came safely and safely, despite the crumpled box. thanks.