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For Nintendo Wii Wireless Remote GamePad

For Nintendo Wii Wireless Remote GamePad

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Item: Wireless Controllers For Wii


1. Excellent design for collecting an original controller and motion plus together

2. This controller combines the advanced motion-sensing features of  Motion Plus with Remote

3. Built-in speaker

4. High-Quality Anti-Skid Silicone Case included protecting the controller from dirt, shock, and damage

5. Wrist Strip included for safe when us

6. Comfortable to hold

7. Smaller, lighter, and better looking compared to old remote with motion plus

Tips: How to connect your new Wii remote:     

1. Turn on the console    
2. Open up the SD flap on the console    
3. Take the backing off the remote where the batteries go        
4. Press the red Sync button on the console    
5. Press the sync button on the remote

Package:(No Retail Package):

1 x Nunchuck Controller for Nintend Wii
1 x without Motion Plus Remote Controller for Nintend Wii
1 x Wrist Strap
1 x Silicone Case

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Aniya O'Keefe

Arrival ahead of schedule and that quw the first day of delivery i find myself absent the next day i arrive just everything i asked in perfect condition and how i expected you to arrive! Quick and cheap thank you

Orpha Fisher

Well, not to prove it all.

Alek Stark

It works perfectly and has taken 2 weeks to arrive.

Afton Kautzer

Now but still not tested. Like everything in order

Flavio Stehr

Thank you very much for your support, I highly recommend this seller, excellent quality