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Funny Take Card-Eat Pest Board Game

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Item: Frogs Tongue Toy Playing Cards Game


Flip over a number card to decide which target card to aim for Learning In The Game-Children can learn about pests and can also train hand-eye coordination.

Encourages number recognition, coordination, imaginative play
Wonderfully playful and creative

Gane that are great fun from children to adults.Perfect for social and family bonding

Game Rules-Be quick to lick! Battle it out with your friends to lick as many insects as you can! The highest score wins!

Blow through the tube in the mask to shoot the tongue out

Game Rules:

Wear the mask, set up the targets, flip a card, start the duel and win.


10 x Stand-UP Targets
10 x Game Cards
2 x chameleon masks(With 2 x mouthpieces and 2 x chameleon tongues)
1 x Game Rules

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jayde Schneider

Funny Take Card-Eat Pest Board Game

Eden Smith

The product takes almost 2 months and I arrive incomplete, the masks do not bring the mouths or tongues, or the elastic fasteners, my son cannot wear the game like this, I opened a dispute to ask for refund and they told me that the shipping charges for return should run on my own which is very unfair. Why should I pay to return something I find incomplete? Terrible seller, nothing recommended

Orlo Cummerata

es muy bonito!

Mortimer Abbott

The game is cool, but: the box in the trash is so that even a part of the cards inside flew out, the faces smell terrible (though the smell has gone pretty fast)) out And so much fun, the child of the second day is having fun.

Jo O'Hara

Broken package…..