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Galaxy Non-Slip Rubber Mousepad

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Item: Galaxy Mousepad


Computer mouse pad ensures smoother mouse control and pinpoints accuracy

Provides a smooth surface for improved mouse tracking

Durable jersey surface provides excellent point-and-click precision

Nonslip neoprene base keeps mouse pad firmly in place

Available in a variety of attractive colors

Made from a premium, durable jersey, the mouse pad's surface gives you pinpoint control over your mouse cursor without creating excessive friction. The pad helps keep your mouse on track, so you can browse, work, and game with speed and accuracy like never before.

Have you ever dealt with a finicky mouse pad that won't stay in place? If so, you'll appreciate this Belkin Standard Mouse Pad, which resists slipping and sliding—even during intense use. Its neoprene base keeps it firmly planted to your desk, allowing you to freely maneuver your mouse and work more efficiently.

Size: 210 X 260 X 2MM/8X10inch

Package Includes:

1 x Mouse Pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Toy Brown

I don't arrived I want to refund

Karlie Hills

Good bright mat.

Gerhard Pollich

I really like it! The mat is chic!!!

Katharina Brown

Good product. Delivered on time. I recommend this seller

Carolina Hintz

Good mat, nice to touch