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Hello Kitty Pink Wired Gaming Keyboard

Hello Kitty Pink Wired Gaming Keyboard

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Item: Wired Hello Kitty Keyboards

Desktop/laptop computer can be used, easy to carry, and collect, with kitty patterns and florets on it, let the lovely kitty accompany you to play computer, pleasing to the eye, doubling the value of the collection! Waterproof keyboard, such as the keyboard into the water just gently lifted to let the water out, the bottom has a bevel angle, you can open and close!

1. USB interface
2. unique low noise, waterproof function design
3. 104 key standard keyboard-configuration
4. support multilingual version
5. feel good, long life keys.
6. fully compatible with Windows95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP
7. waterproof keyboard standard configuration
8. working temperature: -40-80 degrees

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Customer Reviews

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Macey Lesch

Very nice keyboard, it takes a while but I like it pretty much

Nolan Ferry

I love it !! Thank you so much! ^v^

Haylie Yundt

Hello Kitty Pink Wired Gaming Keyboard

Meaghan Runolfsdottir

Claus Claus