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Huion Inspiroy Dial Q620M Graphic Tablet

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Item: Graphic Tablet Huion

1. Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance

The EMR technology frees your pen from battery and charge. Apart from being energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it provides a more accurate and natural drawing experience.

2. USB-C

USB-C is more user-friendly, as it is foolproof and brings higher transmission and power supply efficiency than Micro USB.

3. 8192 Pressure Sensitivity Levels

8192 pressure sensitivity levels ensure each line input to be rendered in a more lifelike way, as the shapes and colors of each line will vary vividly as the pressure applied to the pen changes.

4. ±60°Tilt Support

±60°brush tilt can be recognized on programs like Photoshop without compromising accuracy.

5. 266PPS Report Rate

The report rate has been further improved to the industry-leading level, ensuring instant capture of any movement of the pen and accurate feedback without any lagging.

6. 5080LPI Pen Resolution

5080LPI pen resolution makes detailed modification on pixels a reality and, therefore, enables your works' delicacy to be fully unfolded.

7. 8 Programmable Press Keys

8 programmable press keys are available for you to individualize your workflow and achieve higher efficiency.

8. USB 2.4G Wireless Connectivity

10 meters' wireless range frees users from cable connections.

9. Inbuilt 1100mAh Battery

Sufficient battery capacity for you to unleash your creativity on the tablet.

10. OS Support

Besides Windows and macOS, Q620M also supports Android.

11. Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance

The EMR technology frees your pen from battery and charge. Apart from being energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it provides a more accurate and natural drawing experience.

12. 10mm Sensing Height

The pen and tablet can respond to each other within 10mm of sensing distance.

13. The Pen Has Dual Programmable Buttons

Convenient and easy to use.

14. Pen holder PH05

Allows both vertical and horizontal pen placement. (Built-in replacement pen nibs)

15. With USB 2.4G wireless receiver

The wireless range is about 5 to 10 meters, which will vary as the surrounding changes.

16. LED Lights

Eight press keys on Q620m are embedded with a LED light in the center respectively, which will serve as indicators of real-time battery consumption, low battery, and status of the tablet.

17. Frosted Tablet Board

New material with frosted finishing is applied to the working area of the pen tablet. The frosted finishing is fingerprint-resistant and at the same time mimics the friction between pen and paper, which will bring users a more lifelike drawing experience.

18. Slim & Easy-to-carry

Q620M is specially designed with 8mm thick and 666g in weight, without compromising the battery capacity.

19. Android OS Supported

Android 6.0 or later versions are supported on Q620M. Connectivity with Android devices will grant users great portability and convenience.

20. Fast Charging Technology

Q620M can be charged via either 5V, 500mA, or 5V,1A power supply. The least time requested for charging is 1.2 hours with 5V, 1A power supply. 20 hours of battery life is definitely sufficient for your drawing outdoors.

21. Endorsed by International Awards

Q620M is the winner of the Golden Pin Design Award 2019 in Taiwan

22. Important Notes:

The phone will reverse charge the tablet when wired connected and quickly drain the phone battery, so it can only be used by wireless connecting to the phone.

What's in the box:

1, Pen Tablet Q620M
2, Digital pen PW500
3, Wireless receiver
4, USB-C cable
5, PH05 pen holder
6, pen nib×10
7, USB adaptor×2
8, Nib clip
9, Quick start guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Yolanda Thompson

Спасибо за очень быструю доставку! С работой устройства разбирается. Всё работает. Упаковка целая. Единственное что заметил, в описании комплекта поставки есть салфетка для ухода за устройством, по факту её в комплекте не оказалось. Всё остальное нормально.

Yasmeen Bailey

I am happy with the product. it met my expectations. however I ordered to Pakistan so paid custom duty around 10,150 RS .

Osbaldo Marquardt

와콤 코딱지만한거 쓰다 넘어왔습니다. 저 코딱지만한게 8만원일때 삿는데 펜부터 엄청 허접합니다 와콤은 그런데 이 제품은 펜 촉감부터가 다릅니다 몽글몽글 오래 쥐어도 안아파요. 영역설정 해서 손에 금방 익을듯 익스프레스 키는 휠을 줌 인아웃으로 쓰고있는데 짱편함

Raul Gutmann

просто супер)мы в восторге, всё пришло целое, хотя были сомнения и коробка немного помята. планшет прекрасен, особенно для первого планшета, осталось только научиться рисовать))продавец общался исключительно автоматическими сообщениями как бот, но к счастью, никаких серьезных вопросов мне не нужно было решать

Devin Smith

All is well, the tablet works, but here is my request to put a price of 20 $ on the parcel was ignored, although the seller wrote that, like, well, I will do The tablet is very cool) about this I imagined it, it remains only to find motivation more often to draw