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iPEGA 9076 Gamepad For PS3 Android Tablet

iPEGA 9076 Gamepad For PS3 Android Tablet

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Item: For Android, PC & PS3 GamePad Bluetooth 9076 Ipega


1. The product mainly supports Android / Win XP / 7/8/10 System with Bluetooth connection and PS3 game console with the wireless connection, during game playing.  

2. Applicable devices: to smartphones / tablets / smart TVs, set-top boxes / PCs / PS3 game consoles.

3. The analog function L2 / R2 provides a detailed experience so that you can precisely control the game!

4. The Turbo acceleration function is powerful and efficient for your game playing. 

5. There are multimedia functions in the mouse model: volume down / volume up / play or pause / previous track / next track

1. The product mainly supports Android / Win XP / 7/8/10 System with Bluetooth connection and PS3 game console with the wireless connection, during game playing.  

Integrated Extendable Phone Holder

Fit for 4-6 inch of mobile phones
160° adjustable view angle
2.4G Wireless Dongle Included

Magnetic post rationing & fingerprint for easy take out the dongle
Convenient for wireless play games on Windows, smart TV, and PS3.

Comfort & Familiarity

Ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hands and feels great for hours of use
Turbo (Acceleration function)

Anti-slip texture & comfortable soft-touching

High sensibility & accuracy buttons

Press test 1000000+
Sensitive Joystick × 2pcs
Analog L2 / R2 buttons

4 LED Indicators

Indicate charge status
Indicate mode connections
380mAh Built-in rechargeable battery
10H+ Battery life
Multi-media Player Function under Mouse Mode:

L1: Left mouse
L2: Play
R1: Right Mouse
R2: Play/Pause

Mouse move slowly

Y: Volume+
B: Next
A: Volume-
X: Previous
Mouse move quickly

UItimate Gaming Experiences

Supports 1000+ popular games download from Android game Apps shown below.
Supports most Gamepads-enabled game downloads from Google Play Store.
[Chick Simulator]

Scan to download [Chick Simulator]

Android system users only

Smart with low power consumption Super long standby time

The Built-in 350 mAh highly effective lithium battery supports over 10 hours of continuous operation and 30 days of placement with full power.
10+ hours

Be compatible with various hot games perfectly

This product is suitable for mainstream game platforms on the market and compatible with hot

Size: (approx.) :

1) Package: 175*135*65 mm/ 6.89*5.31*2.56 in
2) Product: 160*100*30 mm/ 6.30*3.94*1.18 in

Weight: (approx.)

1) Single product weight: 0.2 kg
2) With package weight: 0.3 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lavon Corkery

Геймпад отличный, соответствует описанию, быстрая доставка до Москвы, отслеживаться весь маршрут до места получения!

Berry Lemke

It's okay! Thank you! Without problems, you can connect Gamad to a phone or computer (XInput). Fast delivery to Ukraine-about 14 days.

Winona Funk

Delivered as always for a month to the central part of Russia. Gamepad is made qualitatively, only sticks are not usual small. But the biggest minus in it there are no vibrators and this is not described anywhere and there are no reviews. for this 3 stars. Did not disassemble, but not in one game vibro on 10 wind does not work.