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JKH633324 Gaming Headset

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Item: Gaming Headset For Game Player

Type: stereo vocal microphone headset

Speaker diameter: 40mm
Sensitivity: 111db/MW

Impedance: 32-Omega;

Frequency range: 20HZ-mdash;20KHZ

Rated power: 100mV

Wire length: about 2.1m

Connection plug: 3.5 stereo & Here's how to cook the headset

Features of earphone products:

1. Use general test music to play continuously for 12-24 hours at a volume of 30%-40%, and an FM music station can also be used.

2. Take a day off, and then choose to play different styles of music continuously for 5-10 hours, including voice, symphony, electronic music, pop,  live.

3. Choose your favorite CD and try it at a higher volume (the maximum sound pressure you can accept) for 1-2 hours.

4. Resuming medium volume and playing soft Music headphones (such as Tsai Qin's songs or piano music) for 5 hours the burn-in process is complete. After that, the sound of the headset should be relatively normal.

5. Generally, the first week of a new purchase is the time to cook the machine. After one month, 95% of the sound of headphones has been played, and headphones used for 6 months (average 2 hours per day) are in the best state of cooking.

6. For New headphones, don't just use full power to cook for a few days or nights, you should take your time.

7, weekly should reach a certain listening time, or a long time after not using should be re-boiled.

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