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MINI Electronic Wireless ABS Fish Bite

MINI Electronic Wireless ABS Fish Bite

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Item: Electronic Fish Bite Alarm Wireless


1. The buffer fishing alarm is easy to use and carry. When using it, just clamp the product on the fishing rod, clamp the wire and turn on the power switch to start the alarm device;

2. In terms of function, it is more advanced than similar fishing alarms on the market. This alarm is a device that warns that the fish is hooked after the pulling force has passed a period of buffering. It is the fish during the period when the pulling force is buffered. The best time for a child to get the bait, and then the alarm message will be more reliable, and the success rate of fishing will be higher. It is a rare product for fishing leisure.


Color: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
Size: 50x15x55mm (as shown)
Material: PP
Weight: 40g
Occasion: Sea, river, lake, etc.

Package included: 1pc fishing alarm (Without battery  "LR44" )

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Customer Reviews

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Drew Block

Produit conforme et fonctionne correctement mais fourni sans piles

Ronny Schiller

MINI Electronic Wireless ABS Fish Bite

Jessie Ondricka

Without batteries, the box is damaged Signal loud

Kacey Hills

Всё как в описании