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Mini Spray Gun Car Painting

Mini Spray Gun Car Painting

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Nozzle Size & Adapter Option

Item: Car Painting Spray Gun


Air paint sprayer, the volume is very small

Very lightweight, very good atomization

Smooth surface treatment, feel comfortable

At the same time with the intake air, out of fuel, and the size control three kinds of the rotary switch

Pot is transparent, you can clearly see the pot liquid capacity

Paint can be used for all occasions


Transmission: Gravity
Nozzle size: 0.8mm/1.0mm (optional)
Working pressure: 3bar
Air consumption: 9cfm
Cup capacity: 125ml
Intake Screw: 1/4 "
Spray oil bottle size: 60 x60mm
Spray gun size: 150x100mm


With the use of a spray gun long time, the nozzle will slowly wear, need to replace the needle nozzle accessories!!!

So we suggest that you can buy a set of needle nozzle accessories together, that time can be replaced by needle nozzle accessories!!!

Suitable for:

It can be used for photocatalytic coating,

Sofa furniture surface maintenance and repair,

Wall painting car painting, art artistic drawing,

Wall painting, beauty nail painting, inkjet tattoo,

Arts crafts, model making, cake making,

Decorating ceramic resin, various potions spraying, clothing spray maps

Spray gun package includes:

1x Air paint sprayer
1x 125ml Watering can
1x Cleaning brush
1x Oil tube
1x Instruction manual

Nozzle kit includes: (not spray gun)

3pcs/set x Nozzles Kit of selected size (0.8mm/1.0mm)

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