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Pet Cat Large Scratch Guard Mat

Pet Cat Large Scratch Guard Mat

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Item: Cat Scratch Protector For Couch

Product Description:

Material: PVC
Size: 100cm/39.37"*15cm/5.91"
Feature: Durable


1. Cat scratch tape is a firm and durable scratch-proof tape specially designed for pet cats. It uses a durable silicone adhesive, hypoallergenic, safe for pets, and harmless to the surface for furniture.

2. This is a one-sided tape, which can effectively prevent your pet from scratching your furniture.

3. The transparent sticky tape provides a way to protect your furniture from pet scratches without destroying the furniture surface.

4. The tape can be bonded to most surfaces such as suede, leather, artificial leather, dyed wood vinyl plastics, and bricks.

5. It is easy and flexible to use and it is long enough. You can DIY to protect your sofa, doors, stairs, car seats, and other surfaces.

Package Include:

1 x cat scratch tape

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Customer Reviews

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Maud Wisozk

Pet Cat Large Scratch Guard Mat

Beau Leuschke

Pet Cat Large Scratch Guard Mat

Lambert Von

Thin and sticky. Stuck easily. Let's see how they stick.

Allison Wilkinson

Pet Cat Large Scratch Guard Mat

Ivory Walter

It's not like in the picture.