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PUBG Cosplay Chicken Dinner Level 3 Helmet

PUBG Cosplay Chicken Dinner Level 3 Helmet

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Item Type: Pubg Helmet Head Cap Props

Product size: Width 23CM
Net weight: 950g
Applicable: Adults
Material: High-grade resin
Product packaging: high-grade paper box foam packaging
Package Content:1 x Head Cap Props


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Creative design


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Josie Balistreri

The package was wrinkled but the helmet is whole! So all the norms but the bitch he with the raised visor is not fixed in any way, i do not know it will be necessary to come up with something! Took for riding a motorcycle cafe racer i'll wear a white shirt and chase! It came for sure not to say but no more than 10 days to moscow! Norms of norms but it is necessary to finalize! Sit down and tighten well does not hang out! Once again i did not like the fact that when lifting the mask she bitch is not fixed! Advise the helmet bitch is good

Calista Hudson

Just a super thing!

Colton Wunsch

It was a long time, although the delivery is paid, but finally came after a month and a half, a good product. It remains to understand why i took it ?????

Eddie Douglas

Fast shipping to Vietnam. 2 weeks only

Mac Volkman