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Rainbow Bubble Bath Bomb

Rainbow Bubble Bath Bomb

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Item: Magic Rainbow Bath Bomb


Natural deep-sea bath salts contain a variety of trace elements. It can be used to wash the face and foot, clean skin, and make the skin more smooth, delicate, and moist after long-term use. When bathing, it can soften the cuticle layer and can be used for foot bathing, bath, hot spring, etc. It is not easy to absorb moisture and has a long retention period.


Raw material: sea salt

Natural mineral ingredients: can effectively soften cutin, clean excess fat, make skin smooth and tender.

Usage method:

Usage of soaking bath: inject warm water into the bathtub, take an appropriate amount of explosive salt into the bathtub, explosive salt will gradually dissolve in the water, while releasing a large number of bubbles, and emit fragrant odor, at this time, wash in the pool.

Bath, start to enjoy the unique trip of hot spring bathing.

Usage of foot bath: Put a proper amount of warm water in the basin, take 1-2 explosive salts, and put them in it, soak in the middle for 10-15 minutes. When salt is put into the water, the water rolls inside like boiling and puts its feet on it.
Into the water, comfortable and moisturizing, soft and comfortable with the hind feet)


It must be put in warm water. 
The temperature of warm water is directly the best at 40℃.


1 X Cloud Rainbow Bath Salt Ball

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Customer Reviews

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Torrance Hegmann

Super cloud, took her daughter, she liked it, thank you

Yoshiko Grady

Exactly as described Thank you and see you soon