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Reusable Jar Bag

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Item: Reusable Jar Bags

Travel Mason bottle transparent Ziplock bag baking food snack tea bag

Name: Mason bottle storage bag
Weight: 3 packs 7.5g, 4 packs 4.2g wrapping bag
Size: 3 packs 19.5*13.7cm, 4 packs 15.7*10.7cm
Sealing length: 1cm, 5cm
Material: PE
Color: red / yellow

Uses: gift packaging, food packaging, daily necessities packaging, jewelry packaging, tea packaging, clothing packaging, beauty cosmetics packaging, baking packaging
Safe and non-toxic/easy to store / healthy and environmentally friendly
Selling point: 1. The product is made of non-toxic PE material, which is healthy and environmentally friendly and can store various foods with confidence.

2. Double seal line design, self-sealing bag in a sealed state, can effectively extend the food preservation effect, delicious and lasting.
Parcel: a set of ziplock bags

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