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Shock Roulette

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Item: Electric Shock Toy

Product description:

2-6 Play, when the lie detectors start, the game player put your fingers into the small, the indicator light is rotated clockwise until someone is clicked on when the voice sobbing stopped when the indicator light which refers to the game player,” loser” finger will be a shock.

Shocking drinking game, when the beep stopped, when the screaming started, indicating the person who is clicked is lying.

The random shock was given out.

In This Game, Game Player's Fate Don't Lose Your Head, Is The Fate.

This shocking game puts a jolt in your party, having fun with your friends.

A lot of drinking games are boring, you put a card down, we put a card down, someone else puts a card down, and eventually, some poor soul will have to drink. If these games are too dull for you or you lack the skill to handle a game of beer pong, then why not leave it all completely up to fate.

The Shocking Roulette Reloaded, how with adjustable shock, is a game that mixes chance and pain. Just like real Russian Roulette, this shocking game brings a risk of danger, except in this case it's an electrical shock and not a death threat. The electric selection is completely random and you can select how many players are playing the game.


Material: ABS Plastic and Electronic component
Requires: 3 x AA batteries (Not Included)
Weight: Approx.240g
Product size: 14.5x14.5x6cm /5.7x5.7x2.36inch
Package size: 16x16x7cm /6.3x6.3x2.75inch

Recommended Ages 9+.


The instrument doesn't do any harm to the human body, but for people with similar diseases such as heart disease, epilepsy, or people with a strong click response, please do not use this instrument.

Package included:

1 x Lucky Electric Finger Game Machine

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Shock Roulette

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