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Touch Motion Activated Changeable Led Light

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Car Model Option

Item: LED Car Gear Knob

Product Features:

1. Made of PU leather and durable ABS plastic

2. Size: L:110mm   W:57mm   H:45mm

3. Color: multi-color gear shift knob

4. LED lights built inside

5. Touch-sensitive operation ( One time touch will last 30 seconds )

6. Long-lasting rechargeable battery inside ( Charge one time will last about 1 month)

7. With 3 Plastic adapters( 8mm,10mm,12mm ) for easy fitment.

Direct fit, easy installation

Perfect fit. Easy and quick installation

100% brand new and Corrosion resistance

Unique stylish design. It also can add a luxury and fashionable look to your car

Strict Factory QC Test, Trustworthy Quality Guaranteed


1. To install, simply twist, loosen, and remove the stock shift knob and replace it with this LED shift knob.

2.  A charger is included in this package so you can recharge it with the car cigarette lighter outlet.

3. Built-in rechargeable high-quality lithium battery. When the first charge, 8 hours are required. Then for the later charge, 1 hour is enough. With a one-time charge, this shift-level knob can work about 20-30 days.

4. No switch is needed, when you touch it, it will automatically light on. Every time when the light turns on, it will last 30 seconds.

5. Genuine Leather Scrub sense, very comfortable.

Beautiful Luminous line, kind of noble

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Freeman Robel

Overall not satisfied with this purchase! Seller is not responsive at all!!! Messages ignoring!!! The purchase to Ukraine(Kherson) arrived exactly on second month! So beware to buy something in that store!!! In case you need to solve any issue you won’t be able to do so as he just not response at all!!! Regarding shift knob itself it’s to bright colours, not yet installed, but most probably will create some issues in full darkness due to excessive light. Proof of “ZERO” support! from seller ! ! ! First and the last message written after 12 days, but no answer, even unread! just talked to myself.

Flavie Keebler


Lorna Thompson

Everything is cool everything works to everyone I advise.

Dean Jast

Thanks again. It's great.

Eula Flatley

Touch Motion Activated Changeable Led Light