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Vertical Hanging Growing Bag

Vertical Hanging Growing Bag

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Item: Hanging Grow Bag

The green wall is a new type of indoor and outdoor wall greening, green to your walls and to make it more beautiful; also suitable for indoor decoration, a large piece of a green wall of collocation's green plants can make people feel comfortable.

The felt material, meets environmental standards, non-toxic biodegradable, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, sunscreen, heat.

Hanging on the walls, save space, planting strawberries, vegetables, foliage plants.

Reusable, portable, economical, and practical.

Excess water will automatically drain through felt material. Soft felt, lightweight design for easy movement and hanging.


It is made of wool felt material, which has strong weather resistance and can be used outdoors for a long time.

Vertical Hanging Growing Bag The four corners have to fix holes that can be fixed to the wall using nails or hooks.

Vertical Hanging Growing Bag has a water absorption function, and a small area does not seep into the wall.


Color Options: Green.
Model and type:18 pockets vertical/level round,18 pockets vertical/level flat.
Material: Felt.
Total Size: 0.5* 1m/1m*0.5m .

Package Include:
1 x Vertical Hanging Growing Bag.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Jayden Beek

Durable. It was almost a month. After landscaping, add a photo. Thank you.

Finn Willems

You 've arrived in the estimated time. Sounds like a good product.

Anna Ven

I hope you will keep humidity and not permeable water. Looks cool.

Bram Beek

Hello, very satisfied with the order and consistent with the product. Well cordially

Arie Veen

Vertical Hanging Growing Bag