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Waterproof Tire Paint Pen

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Item: Waterproof Pen

One of the best products for all car enthusiasts who are looking for an easy way to cover up any color damages. Or make their car look fancy, for that matter! Waterproof Tire Paint Pen can do it all!

Fixing any scratches could be pricey but there is an easier way to do it in your garage, completely by yourself. This Paint pen is water-resistant, odor-free, non-toxic, and durable. You can choose from twelve different colors and you will find your color without any difficulties.

This product is so easy to use. Remove the plug, shake the pan and press it against the scratch, until the color comes out. Now you can cover the scratches, or draw something to have unique car tires as no one else does!


Colors: 12
Life: 2 years
Type: Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 455 reviews
Arden Schmidt

Waterproof Tire Paint Pen

Damaris Rogahn

Very fast delivery, to st. petersburg in 14 days. Packed perfectly, the seller did not regret "pupyrki", for which he thank you very much. The marker itself has a slightly pointed shape of the rod, dries quite quickly. In a minute it is not erased. The cap closes tightly. Of the minuses-very much smells of paint (enamel). The goods are satisfied if i need to order from this seller more.

Petra Gerlach

To ukraine in Zaporozhye came in 40 days. I ordered two white markers for wheels. It seems to write, on the rubber did not draw yet. They smell markers like a school corrector and inside a ball. Packed was good, in films with pimples and twisted was like a shaurma)

Lia Davis

Waterproof Tire Paint Pen

Providenci Turcotte

Waterproof Tire Paint Pen