Quest 2 Elite Review

Quest 2 Elite Review



The Elite Strap is $49.00 on its own. However, for $129., Facebook is also offering a version with a rechargeable battery and a travel case, allowing for extended gaming sessions. We haven't gotten the opportunity to put that gear to the test yet.

It enables fitting the Quest 2 to your head a far more approachable experience right away. Turning the dial back prolongs the strap, making it very easy to fit on any head, and then tightening it back in till you get the correct fit for you. The firmer strap holds the dome of the back of the head, and you may adjust the angle by adjusting the two straps on the sides of the Quest.

In terms of long-term use, the improved weight reduction means you'll be able to play in VR for longer periods of time without feeling the burden of the Quest 2. We would play for almost 15 minutes without the strap before my cheeks and forehead were worn. That period becomes much, much longer with the Elite Strap on.

However, We wouldn't argue that the Elite Strap is more relaxing than halo-ring headsets. The top band on devices just like Oculus Rift S and Sony's PSVR are meant to move much of the weight up your head, where it can rest more gently. The visor of the headset hangs in front of your eye without pushing in, and a counter-weight at the back ensures that the weight is evenly distributed. To this day, this is the most suitable VR headgear design I've encountered, but We admit it would render Quest 2's overall design bigger.

So, regardless of which one you choose, if you're a professional VR user  I'd strongly recommend any of these Quest 2 head strap additions over the soft strap that comes with the headset. The soft strap doesn't do a great job of holding the headset on your forehead.

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