Create a Unique Feature in Your Garden with a Floating Water Fountain

Create a Unique Feature in Your Garden with a Floating Water Fountain


Add a little extra charm and tranquility to your garden with the Mini Solar Fountain Pool Pond Floating Water Fountain. This easy-to-set-up fountain is perfect for adding a touch of elegant decor to any outdoor space while also taking advantage of natural energy from the sun.

Choose the Perfect Location

Select the perfect location for your floating water fountain by considering which areas of your garden will benefit from its calming influence. Consider, for example, placing it in a shaded spot surrounded by flowers or near a seating area, so you can relax and enjoy the sound of the water while you admire your carefully crafted outdoor space.

Install the Fountain's Solar Panels

Before you fill and float your fountain, you’ll need to install the solar panel power supply. Carefully unpack the box that includes the panels and wiring, then connect them to the main fountain unit following the instructions provided. Make sure to place the solar panels in a location that will receive plenty of direct sunlight during daylight hours, so they can charge adequately. Once connected and charged, it’s now time to complete your floating water fountain installation by adding water.

Connect Your Garden Hose and Set Up Your Pump

To begin, connect your garden hose to the water supply located at the bottom of your fountain and turn it on to fill the main collection unit with water. Then, attach the included pump wiring from the solar panel power pack to the fountain's power outlet. This will allow a steady flow of electricity through your fountain, which you can regulate by using switch located near its base. Finally, turn on the power switch for your fountain and enjoy watching cascading streams of bright and refreshing water!

Place Your Faux Plant Accessories for a More Natural Look

For a natural look, you can place faux plants such as ferns, reeds, and flowers throughout the landscape. These accessories will work to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal by providing an inviting and tranquil setting. Moreover, these pieces are not just attractive; they’re also functional. By installing these elements at strategic points around the fountain, you can further increase the water-dynamic effect of your outdoor space with ever-expanding streams of moving currents.

Enjoy the Relaxing Sounds of Nature!

The layered cascade of water that radiates from this fountain will come to life in the presence of natural light. By adding it to your garden, you’re sure to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that sounds like you're sitting by a babbling brook. Moreover, if you choose top up the pond with fish, frogs or even turtles – you'll also be able to capture their playful activities and enjoy their natural grace.