The Best PC Gaming Chairs for 2023

Best PC Gaming Chairs Buying Guide


The word “gaming chair” brought about a thousand links and I thought I was gonna go crazy just sorting through all of it but it turns out, you don’t really need to read a lot about gaming chairs to know what they are all about. Simply put that a gaming chair is specifically designed to be compatible with most gaming consoles or your computer, if that is your preference, to bring you the most realistic gaming experience there is. 

Besides being the most comfortable of chairs the world has ever seen, these things also bring a whole lot of features to the table that will bring any gaming enthusiast a gaming experience on a new level. So it was decided (by me of course) that a gaming chair is needed to fill in that missing piece I need to complete my gaming experience. The dilemma was that I was not sure what really to get since there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of them out there just on the internet alone. To help me out in this, I thought to read about some advice available online on what to look for in a gaming chair.

Just like any kind of chair, I needed to make sure that comfort is on the top of the list. Gaming chairs are indeed designed to bring the whole experience to life but we just can’t let the basics go, and that is comfort. It is good to make sure that the chair itself has an ergonomic design and if it has other comfort features then you would be much better off. After this “first round”, you can go ahead and choose from the wide variety of features that different manufacturers offer. Of course, if you would like to stop at just comfort then it would be your choice but like I said, for me, it just wasn’t enough. I respect everybody’s opinion on this and if a certain gamer feels that comfort is all that they need to complete their ultimate gaming experience, then they can go with basic comfortable gaming chairs without all the fuzz. The upside to this particular preference is the price.

Gaming and comfort in this beautiful chair is the best

Gaming chairs without the added features generally cost much less than their more awesome brothers of course. However, if economic price and comfort are all that you need, then that’s well and good. I applaud and admire those who also give value to their finances. If, on the other hand, you find that you have enough money to buy awesome gaming chairs, then I advise you to go on and find one with just the right features to keep you happy.

Building On To Your Best Gaming Chair

Most “added” features of a gaming chair would start from the sound system. You would find the basic speakers that are commonly located at the part of the chair where you would usually rest your head on to give you a full blast of the action from the game itself. Oftentimes, you would find a subwoofer to go with the speakers to give you a more realistic feel in terms of the audio from the game. After that, you can start looking at connectivity.

While most gaming chairs that have wired connections work just fine, you may want to go for wireless connectivity since this eliminates the mess of tangled wires you would usually get when playing. This can also help you clean up – if you’re the type who unfortunately has to do that. Again, this is something that is subjective and will depend on each gamer so it’s always safe to know your own preference instead of just mere listening to others. Although the list of features is virtually endless, I will throw in one more that I think most of you will be interested in; vibrating motors or also known as force feedback.  This particular feature I believe is something that will work extremely well on some games and not so on others. The reason I say that is because certain games will just need a very good surround sound to bring you “into it” hence not needing this specific feature. So you have to carefully look into the games that you usually play and asses if the extra money you’ll be spending will be worth it.

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