Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review

Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review
Corsair company is most renowned for its large line of flashy-equipped keyboards, but did you know it also has a single entry-level plasma gaming keyboard? Well, The Corsair K55 RGB, which serves as the company's entry-level offering, now has a main competitor.

Corsair K57 RGB

The recently released Corsair K57 RGB Wireless takes things a step further, offering appealing features that would normally be out of reach for economic gamers. That's because the K57 foregoes the most expensive aspect of high-end keyboards — mechanical keys selling for a relatively reasonable price of $99. But are these keys worth it? We decided to investigate more.

Design and Features

The K57 is large, even for a full-size keyboard. It measures exactly 19 by 9 inches, including the finger rest, which dwarfs the 17.25 x 8.4-inch  of Corsair K70. Anyone familiar with the Corsair style should be able to recognize the keyboard. The keypad contains the same media controls, with forwarding and backtrack controls next to function keys and volume controls in the top right corner. The K57 has a mute button and a pair of optional volume buttons instead of a dial or wheel for volume control. They aren't as easy as others, but they have reasonable trade for a lower price.

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