Razer Cynosa Chroma Pro Membrane Gaming Keyboard Review

Highly anticipated Razer Cynosa Mechanical Chroma Pro Gaming Keyboard.this is Razor newer released model which also goes alongside. The razor Cynosa Chroma Keyboard looks very similar to past Razer keyboards no real design changes. switches this time around on the left side but the body itself is primarily plastic all covered in a matte black finish.


On the bottom integrated a subtle RGB light strip which is very similar to the light shirt they use on their RGB Firefly mousepad and what this is gonna do in the Cynosa Chroma Pro model is just add a little bit extra flair and pop to your keyboard at nighttime giving it some nice subtle underglow.


it has two feet up top gonna elevate this backside when you're typing your gaming and there are actually two levels of feet integrated here for different levels of height adjustment than before. It has eight key rollovers with anti-ghosting. Have water or a spill resistance built into the keyboard with how it's overall constructed so if you spill some water or something on it it's really not going to damage it which is always good.


it just brings those colors that it's possible of in and out breathing then it's gonna pulse those colors in and out as it fades to black in between the color switches star lights always nice it's kind of like twinkles colors throughout and certain random keys and stuff like that you can pick your colors you can pick the speed have it be random anything like that and you have fire which is going to kind of make a fiery effect with different shades of yellow red and orange stuff like that then you have reactive which is going to pulse the key you're actually pressing kind of gives like a nice light trail and stuff like that.

Razer Cynosa Mechanical

Razer Cynosa Mechanical Keyboard software has gotten much better and improved it's much more user-friendly now and with the Cynosa program, you can go in making your own custom lighting effects with layers and stuff like that. it's not that bad and that's gonna be a pretty solid sweet spot for people out there who are on a budget and obviously want to stick to their whole razor ecosystem